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Welcome To Allwell Solutions


Allwell Solutions provide a comprehensive range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and calculated alliances with leading technology providers. We are specialize in publishing services, STM journals, Pre-press services, copyediting, editorial services, typesetting, artwork illustrations, digital ebook publishing, ebook conversions, fixed ebooks, interactive ebooks, arabic ebooks, flash to html5 conversions, document management services, xml conversions, e-learning services, language translation & transcriptions, mobile application development and a whole gamut of IT/ITES Solutions all under one roof.

Our end-to-end publishing solutions package includes: Editorial, Design, Art, and Production, eBooks, Interactive Text/Work Books and eLearning services. With a wealth of technology experience and publishing knowledge, we provide our customers with a complete e-publishing plan that is executed as a successful component of their personal organizational strategy.


Allwell Solutions is a technology driven and innovation based global entity. Our information technology & business process outsourcing services support our clients and enterprises for their rapid growth and firm establishment in their domains.

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  • Customer-Centered Focus
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  • Benchmarking Targets
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  • Technological Approach

We are the leading business process outsourcing company that envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible global business practices. We are proud to deliver immediate results to clients our active skills and real world tasks that are instantly relevant to everyday business life developments. The growing demand for digital solutions including Digital Content development, distributions and content access across multiple mediums not only poses a challenge to publishers but offers an opportunity for the creation of new revenue streams.

Our Services

Publishing Services

Allwell Solutions supports the entire content lifecycle, from content creation, mining, development and editorial, graphic design, multi-media enrichment and conversion—for delivery to any medium like digital, mobile, or print. We provide publishing services to largest publishers in the world, and to enterprises of all sizes. We have helped content providers produce, enhance, and transform their content.

eBook Services

Allwell Solution has experienced team to serve digital services. Digital publishing is an alternate form of publication especially attractive to new writers and saves the natural resources considerably. Digital publishing is short name for electronic publishing. The e-publication materials are distributed on a compact disk, emailed, or provided in a file format compatible with handheld electronic readers.

Digital Conversions

Allwell Solution team have high experience in Document Imaging, Document Storage Deployment and Document Retrieval empower the customers to own state-of-the-art and system-based solutions to capture, electronically transmit, process, store and retrieve documents and hence optimize the cost of and retrieve documents and hence optimize the cost of operations. We understand the requirements of the customer with the database, in terms of frequency of database use, purpose of data, and types of data.

Mobile Application

Allwell Solutions offer complete mobile application development and deployment in publishing and enterprise applications. “Apps,” these digital content products extend the utility of intelligent devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Google Android phones and tablets, to more fully engage and captivate your audience.Our team have in-depth technical knowledge and seasoned content development and creative design teams to help our clients re-imagine ways to present their content in rich-media, mobile formats – to drive new revenue.