Digital Conversions

Allwell Solution team have high experience in Document Imaging, Document Storage Deployment and Document Retrieval empower the customers to own state-of-the-art and system-based solutions to capture, electronically transmit, process, store and retrieve documents and hence optimize the cost of operations. We understand the requirements of the customer with the database, in terms of frequency of database use, purpose of data, and types of data.Our Digitization and data capture service offers clients a complete, cost-effective paper-to-electronic solution. We leverage state-of-the-art Chesterfield Enterprise Content Management software suite and the technical expertise of our specialists to offer the entire gamut of scanning & digitization and value-added services. We have delivered speedy, seamless, and high-quality data digitization services to organizations across various industries, enabling them to extract and convert data from any source—digital, typed, or handwritten.


Our service specializes in document capture/Imaging of documents, bound volumes of books/journals including rare and fragile items and newspapers (hard copy and microfiche/film ) into searchable indexed digital assets resulting in improved access to your organization’s collection while providing a digital image ideal for archival storage. Our operators are trained in material handling and preservation techniques ensuring that each valuable collection is returned in the same condition in which it was received. We use non destructive scanning methods to scan bound books thereby preserving the condition of your book.

Non destructive Book scanning:


In such cases we use overhead scanning technology that provides quality digitised output whilst preserving the original condition of the book. Some books and documents are fragile or too valuable to be scanned using traditional flatbed scanning technology. This technology allows rare or fragile books to be handled sensitively diminishing any damage to covers, pages, spines and bindings, which are often, damaged using other scanning technology. Our technology allows high resolution capture of otherwise un-scan able books for online use or for re-printing purposes.

General Book and newspaper Scanning:


Once your books have been scanned we can use OCR technology to make your books searchable, which is particularly useful if your book will be used online. At Allwell we handle large libraries of books as well as smaller volumes of books, so whatever your scanning requirements, we have a solution to help. If the books you wish to scan are not rare our team can offer a cost effective scanning solution via our Flatbed scanning technology. The Flatbed technology allows for fast, cost effective digitization of wide ranging books to a high resolution for use online or for re-production purposes. Additionally once your content have been scanned our in-house team of experts will re-touch each page and image to ensure that the output is as high quality, if not better than the original copies. Our book and news paper digitizing team are happy to advice with regard to the most cost effective and appropriate technique to scan your books to ensure that the output is in accordance with your needs.



Allwell Solutions provide document scanning services cover the scanning of documents, drawings, microfilms and photographs. We provide bulk document scanning, high volume data capture, OCR and PDF conversion to capture any form of information and convert to electronic format. Documents can be converted into a variety of formats including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, etc. We have demonstrated the ability to handle high volume scanning jobs with the stringent deadlines in various industries such as Publishing, Science, Engineering, Automobiles etc., with our sophisticated high speed scanners such as Kodak, Canon, and Fujitsu.

Data Entry / Capturing Services: (Back to Document Management)


We offer a broad range of data-entry related solutions. Equipped with the latest technology in place and the best combination of skill sets available we can handle projects ranging from simple keying to complex data processing jobs.


Data Conversion Services:


Allwell Solutions is a perfect destination for execution of your sizeable and intricate HTML / SGML / XML conversion projects for document management, retrieval, and archiving. We develop, maintain, and process this data conversion work in a more professional way by executing any complex input project into standard quality output work providing the client a sense of comfort and satisfaction.We receive many kinds of inputs from clients, which include formats such as Paper, Images, Quark Express, Abode Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word and convert them as per the client’s requirement to structured electronic formats like XML, SGML, and HTML.


Form Processing Services:


Allwell Solutions provides a wide range of forms processing solutions. We can skillfully process legal forms, insurance claim forms, invoices, email forms, CGI forms, accounts forms, immigration forms, survey forms, online forms, questionnaires, HTML forms, and ASP forms.


We deliver on our commitment with Accuracy, Quality, Economy, or Timely Delivery with cost-effective solutions.

Translation Services

Allwell Solutions is a full-service professional translation services company delivering solutions in over 100 + languages to a variety of industries around the globe. Present competitive business landscape, most companies simply cannot afford

XML Conversion

Allwell Solutions have strong experience in XML technology and can support your needs from data creation to print, web, or smart device publishing. It’s very essential for businesses to start framing their own digital future to stay aggressive, since the publishing industry is undergoing a transformation. Digital Posting is now a major region

Digital Archiving Services

We offer a full range of peak quality digital archiving solutions. Data maintenance and protection is vital for diverse verticals; government departments, educational institutions, museums, libraries healthcare industry are just a few to mention.

ePDF/uPDF Creation

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Print On Demand Service (POD)

Allwell Solutions “Print On Demand” services provide cost effective solutions to self publishers and publishing companies with-in their budget.Our print on demand

OCR / ICR Conversion

Allwell Solutions provide works such as Typewritten OCR, Handwritten OCR, Print OCR, and Cursive OCR, MICR. Our OCR Conversion Process