Print on Demand (POD)

Allwell Solutions “Print On Demand” services provide cost effective solutions to self publishers and publishing companies with-in their budget.

Our print on demand books are printed with ink (toner) on paper using high-speed digital presses. At the command of the digital press operator, a complete book is printed page-for-page from the book’s digital file stored in the onboard computer of the print on demand system that’s directly linked with the operating system of the digital presses. Our POD books are really printed one copy at a time or as many copies needed to fill orders for the book. After POD completed we ship the books to your publishing house.

Allwell Solutions revamping the print and fulfillment process was a competitive business move that brought extensive savings in terms of waste, trees and costs, while enabling the company to provide customers with the most timely, accurate and consistent product documents.